I’ve been questioned many times where my ideas for the vastness between genres I write in come from, but like many a writer who’s asked such things, I’m sure my eyes glaze over as I can’t always explain. A lingering scent from a dream; a photo of a broken branch, the passing mention of a broken tile in an ancient history documentary have all led to wondering what happened in that moment and force me to grab a pen or reach for the nearest keyboard. My first published short story came from the burning desire to explore the founding of Rome as a real moment shared in drunken ecstasy between a future king and his people. (Flesh Started the War, first published in Copperfield Review.)

I love exploring the aftermath of events in times we have no hope of seeing first hand. History is an interpretation of what we know and have discovered and for me Ancient Rome is my muse, teasing me with truth and myth. And yet, the Old West and contemporary settings have all taken a prominent position in my work. I have set stories in Hungary during the Revolution, and lives torn apart by the World Wars to small logging towns of the 1970’s and even created a language for my warriors in a Kingdom far, so far away (though that might be left better hidden away never to be spoke of again). My literary fiction is snuggled quite closely to genre and I hope to always evolve and surprise you while taking you along my journey.

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Lana Elizabeth Gabris currently lives in the heart of British Columbia with her floor to ceiling sagging bookshelves, along with her fiancé and their much loved dogs of various sizes. Her illustrations of flora have been published in several outdoor magazines across North America. Her fiction recently appeared in The Matador Review, Peacock Journal, The Copperfield Review and Cowboy Jamboree. She received an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future (Q4 2016) and has been nominated for The Shirley Jackson Awards.